Plastering Finishes

Non-Textured Finishes

A non-textured plaster surface is typically characterized by a smooth matte finish with little-to-no surface bubbling depending on the technique and environmental conditions. For interior use, non-textured plaster can help give a room a feeling of depth and height while also functioning as an insulator to help lower heating and cooling costs.

Textured Surface Finish

Textured plaster finishes vary widely in design, from simple stucco finishes to more intricate fan swipe or grooved comb finishes. Given the sheer amount of texture options, it is best to discuss the options that will best compliment the overall design of the space with us.

  • Faux Stucco Finishes
  • Grooved Finishes
  • English Stucco Finish
  • And Many More!

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is one of the oldest, most durable, and visually appealing plastering finishes. The finish consists of plaster mixed with marble dust, applied with a spatula or trowel in multiple thin layers, which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. This finish is used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish that can also be tinted to achieve a wide array of desired looks to fit the style of any given space. A Venetian plaster finish can be applied to both walls and ceilings!

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